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“Bridges” is a development programme implemented by Bouygues Travaux Publics and VSL. It targets identified international junior talents and provides them with bridges to mobility and to accelerated career development.

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First Cohort - 2022-2024


Adèle Cubillé

A civil engineer with a mechanical and logistics background, I enjoy visiting new places, tasting different food and meeting people. With Bridges, I am able to discover cultures around the world, and enrich my technical skills!


Lyna Zaouya

First trained in law, I discovered the operational side of construction 4 years ago: it became my passion. I worked hard to become a site engineer and am so grateful to be where I am now. I love photography, travelling and discovering new cultures.

Nidale Tarhate

Hi! I’m Nidale, I work as a project engineer on the Metro project in Melbourne. I love the multicultural and very inclusive atmosphere in this city! I was also a fervent supporter of the Moroccan national team at the Women’s World Cup in Australia.


Raymond Yam

A civil engineer from Hong Kong, I love learning new skills. Thanks to this programme, I can participate in different projects at various stages of the construction process. I love playing football, exploring nature, and discovering unique cultures.


Brandon Nguyen

I am a Systems Safety Assurance Engineer with over 6 years of experience in the regulated railway sector. I previously worked on the Melbourne Metro Project, Australia and now I am in Challenger, France. My tennis racket follows me wherever I go!  

Katrina Salave

I’m a Civil Engineer from the Philippines. Through the Bridges Programme, I aim for career growth via continuous learning. I love my first year in the UK as it exposed me to diverse teams and travel opportunities. Cooking, table tennis, and yoga are my passions.


Omar Elbaradie

I’m originally from Canada and Egypt and I’ve got the chance to work on North East link in Melbourne. As you can guess, I like travelling and discovering new cultures, but always carrying music with me! 


If you want to apply directly to the
Bridges programme, please send your
CV to the following email.

[Application deadline: April 21st]


Lucie Saint Olive

A Tender Submission Engineer, I was previously working in Australia. As part of my mission here, I’ve travelled in the UK to inspect bridges and discuss with clients. I love playing tennis, travelling, diving, cycling and practising yoga.

Joseph Arundell

Growing up in rural Australia, it was my dream to become an electrical engineer and work around the world. I love learning about how things are built and trying to come up with new ways to do it better. I love fishing and homebrewing.

Mohamed Labeeb

A Senior Quality Engineer with a civil Engineering background, I am from south India. I moved to Dubai after graduation to pursue my career dreams, and I was lucky enough to work on major iconic projects in the United Arab Emirates for 7 years.


Ocean Law

A civil engineer from Hong Kong with 7 years of experience in infrastructure project delivery, I love traveling, hiking and cooking: it fuels my curiosity to discover new cultures. There’s a lot to explore in this big world, and I never want to stop.


Candy Wong

I’m a civil engineer and a construction planner from Hong Kong. Coming to the UK via Bridges programme, I experienced how a massive project in other region operates. I also got chances to travel to different countries with my camera. This is awesome! 


Guilhem de Langlais

I am a French engineer with a geological background but looking to expand my skills by trying new jobs. I am curious and I love discovering new cultures with my wife and 2 kids. Travelling is also the occasion for me to fish new species around the world.


Jacqueline Carrigan

I am a civil engineer from Scotland with various international experiences in the construction industry. I enjoy travelling, eating, drinking and listening to music.


Martyna Zwiazek

I’m a Civil Engineer with over 7 years of experience, currently expanding my horizons in Project Control in Hong Kong. Living and working in Asia gives me the opportunity to explore new places, what allows me to continually learn and grow as a person.


Maxime Roude

French born in England, living in foreign countries has always been in my identity. The Bridges Program brought me to Hong Kong on the T2 project. As a rugby fan, I discovered the Hong Kong Sevens, one of the world most special rugby events! 


Elias Tsiripillos

A civil engineer from Cyprus with 7 years of experience in Europe and Asia, I have worked in the building and infrastructure sectors of major projects. Through this programme, I can further develop my skills and discover new cultures and countries.


Hung Pham Thanh

Originally from North of Vietnam, I’ve always dreamt of working in an international environment and learning from amazing professionals. Thanks to this programme, I am part of a big project with great colleagues from more than 50 countries. 


If you want to apply directly to the
Bridges programme, please send your
CV to the following email.

[Application deadline: April 21st]

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